Was Robbins Rubbish Down To Chris Sutton?

26 April 2011 07:15
Another sickening defeat but why blame Sutton for what appeared to be a pretty meagre budget   Chris Sutton a legend at Celtic and a villain at Lincoln got the brunt of home fans feelings yesterday. But in truth the lacklustre Imps were lucky to lose by two to a second rate side like Cheltenham who did not even get out of second gear. As early as the 15th minute the warning signs were there when an unmarked Riley headed over the bar at, you've guessed it a corner. We then survived a penalty appeal in a first half of misadventure, when Kilby brought down Riley.   Then incredibly second half the team dropped a gear when shooting towards the impassioned home end who had been absolutely great. This gave them the game. Smikle somehow bundled over the crossbar from just two yards out.Midfielder Josh Low then got a bullet header after 65 minutes and  Andrew finished things with a 25-yard free-kick on 85,     It is another sickening defeat but why blame Sutton for what appeared to be a pretty meagre budget at the beginning of the season. That is either the fault of the commercial team or down to  the nice folk at the top who have put in just £20k of late, as opposed to those with real money like Mike Foley who are blocked from shaking things up. Fans who continue to defend those who put in once and buy up cheap second hand shares to increase their stake are not putting the club first as it does not see the benefit. It is short term when the Community club needs unselfish custodians with a long term view.    Think on this lottery ticket analogy. You have to renew your stake every year because without a ticket you are not in the draw time or season are you. Yes People will blame Chris Sutton for this, they shouted his name again yesterday, but in all honesty something has been very wrong at the helm perhaps since the day Keith Alexander realised things were better for him at debt ridden Peterborough.