Uncle Bob Bemoans Sutton And Jackson fallout

04 April 2011 08:25
Double standards at the Bank again Lincoln City Chairman Bob Dorian is choking on his prawns thanks to Celtic hero Chris Sutton, Huddersfield legend Peter Jackson and all those expensive mistakes. This as latest manager Steve Tilson chalks up our 13th – unlucky for some (ie us the fans as usual ) – payoff in 18 months.   Whilst one side of the camp is suggesting it is saving money the organ grinders see it a different way and are blaming the managers even though the board were the ones that appointed them in the first place. What were the special qualities they saw in young up and coming Mr Sutton and Peter Jackson; as they abdicate responsibility over their part in the hiring and firing process. Sutton's payoff must have massively impacted on this season's playing budget for starters - our board negotiated the terms and conditions to his 2 1/2 year deal so they alone are responsible for mortgaging the club.   Judge for yourself,  from Bob’s comments to the BBC as he insists such moves will have an impact on next season’s playing budget. "It's galling because we are paying off players who previous managers thought would be a good asset to the club," Dorrian told BBC Radio Lincolnshire. "We've had too many players who we have paid off, when in essence that money could have been spent more wisely in the first place.  We could say to those previous managers, 'You made a mistake', but we're left to carry the can financially. It's upsetting but that is the nature of the game. It will impinge greatly on whatever (manager) Steve (Tilson) might like to do next season because he will now have to carry seven players over to next season and a lot of those players are on good salaries."   Many sides and managers have to carry far than seven. Just how small minded is our club nowadays. Not exactly big signings were they, rather, more cheap loans again this season – of which one has just been whisked off when we need him most? Why is this man moaning at having such a tight budget when he has turned down Mike Foley whos investment could have gone to £500,000. That would have more than plugged what could be a scary loss this season.