Sincil Shambles: Carayol Out As Wide Boys Wither Under Pressure

23 April 2011 04:49
Weekends results suggest Imps need to act and fast At the time of writing Barnet are 4-1 up, Burton are 2-1 up and even Stockport are winning. Just the right time to pen that Mustapha Carayol also limped out of the Bury Clash in injury time and will miss the Cheltenham game on Monday. This is not what we need with our other winger, Gavin McCallum also making excuses for our poor form in Friday's paper and former wideboy Albert Jarrett already fully paid up and up the road.   Hughton also described as not mentally right last week will not be able to help. Though back in favour he is now covering at right back after Kelly returned to parent club Reading.    Let us hope the fans and the passionistas are on top form on Monday the Imps are going to need us whether many of us think they deserve our support or not.