Luke Howell - Midfielder and Motivational Psychologist.

27 April 2011 08:10
It would appear Howell is a past master at diplomacy.   Chances are former MK Dons  midfielder Luke Howel, used to the short term nature of the franchise concept then,  may not have the stomach to see this season out at the Imps, let alone extend his contract beyond the summer. Luke told BBC Lincolnshire I don't know if we're afraid to make a mistake or if it's the pressure of relegation. Some players haven't had that before. But it seems if we don't get the first goal the less confident we become."   Luke also put his foot in it with his 'unnamed team mates' as he preached the need for being a team player with his comments to the Echo.    "I do feel that sometimes, a few individuals look after themselves and if they perform well but the team loses, they might not be too disappointed, This is a tight league and maybe that is the difference. If we did not have that we might be a lot higher. We have better footballers than some teams higher up the league so you have to ask why we are where we are. Each person will have a different opinion."   Bless him he will learn that wanting to expose the truth gets you absolutely nowhere at this football club.  Diddums,  to the naughty step with you. Alas with money so tight in Impdom  you will have to take it in turns wearing the dunces hat as McCallum and Hughton are vying for it for keeps.   But thanks for the blue sky thinking Luke  and the warning. Chances are its not worth the £18.50 entry to Oxford then, even with the free coaches? Talking of coaches have you thought about a job as a life coach or motivational psychologist should you need to supplement your income should you slide into the Blue Square.