L2 Relegation Run In - 5 Game club by Club Fixtures

14 April 2011 06:57
The final five fixtures for the bottom 10 With anyone of 10 from, Morecambe, Bradford City, Cheltenham, Hereford, Northampton, Macclesfield, Stockport, Barnet, Burton and our good selves still in the mix, lets look at the last 5 games of the relegation run in. Forget the Champions League, this is the butt clenching B all and end all of football - right from the bowels of the Football League.   We have started with the League table and then gone from 24th to 15th, listing each candidates last 5 fixtures. Burton still have an extra one but they are fast running out of chances with another Cup Final against Cheltenham on Saturday.  Will Mad dag's departure from the Bees be enough to save the drooping brewers,  or will Northampton and the Imps continue to give them lifelines with 3 and two away games on the spin respectively?   15  Morecambe  41  -12  4916  Cheltenham  41  -19  4817  Bradford  40  -15  4718  Macclesfield  41  -16  4719  Hereford  41  -14  4620  Lincoln City  41  -29  4621  Northampton  41  -11  4322  Burton Albion  40  -17  4123  Barnet          41  -18  4124  Stockport  41  -45  36 STOCKPORT (24th) April 16th - Shrewsbury (Away) April 23rd - Port Vale (Away) April 25th - Northampton Town (Home) April 30th - Crewe (Away) May 7th - Cheltenham Town (Home)   BARNET (23rd) April 16th - Bury (Away) April 23rd - Gillingham (Away) April 25th - Oxford United (Home) April 30th - Accrington Stanley (Away) May 7th - Port Vale (Home)     BURTON ALBION (22nd) April 16th - Cheltenham (Home) April 19th - Bradford City (Away) April 23rd - Aldershot (Away) April 25th - Torquay United (Home) April 30th - Southend United (Away) May 7th - Accrington Stanley (Away)     NORTHAMPTON TOWN (21st) April 16th - Wycombe Wanderers (Away) April 22nd - Rotherham United (Away) April 25th - Stockport County (Away) April 30th - Stevenage (Home) May 7th - Morecambe (Away)   LINCOLN CITY (20th) April 16th - Crewe (Away) April 22nd - Bury (Away) April 25th - Cheltenham Town (Home) April 30th - Oxford United (Away) May 7th - Aldershot (Home)   HEREFORD UNITED (19th) April 16th - Rotherham United (Away) April 23rd - Shrewsbury Town (Home) April 25th - Morecambe (Away) April 30th - Bradford City (Home) May 7th - Macclesfield Town (Away)   MACCLESFIELD TOWN (18TH) April 16th - Chesterfield (Away) April 23rd - Cheltenham Town (Away) April 25th - Southend United (Home) April 30th - Gillingham (Away) May 7th - Hereford United (Home)   BRADFORD CITY (17th) April 15th - Southend United (Away) April 19th - Burton Albion (Home) April 23rd - Accrington Stanley (Away) April 25th - Aldershot (Home) April 30th - Hereford United (Away) May 7th - Crewe (Home)     CHELTENHAM TOWN (16TH) April 16th - Burton Albion (Away) April 23rd - Macclesfield Town (Home) April 25th - Lincoln City (Away) April 30th - Shrewsbury (Home) May 7th - Stockport (Away)   MORECAMBE (15TH)   April 16th - Gillingham (Away) April 22nd - Crewe (Away) April 25th - Hereford (Home) April 30th - Port Vale (Away) May 7th - Northampton (Home)


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