L1 & L2 Away Fans Alienated By Home Fans Deals.

22 April 2011 02:21
It doesn't just ruin the atmosphere it is simply not fair.    When Sheffield Wednesday Southampton and Charlton come to town in League 1 or Bradford, Oxford United, Southend and Gillingham in L2,  it is seen as an opportunity to cash in for clubs in desperate need. However it is not right to charge the away fans more than the home fans if there is a promotional special on. It is not only against the laws of national justice but it is the most loyal fan in football who is being driven away at the most lucrative stage of the season.   Incredible isn't it that with so many empty spaces available in stadiums.   The FSF wants a fairer deal.   The season is entering the home straight and clubs are beginning to think of ways to pull in the crowds for next season. Encourage a fan to come along with a cheap ticket deal in the sunny spring months and they might, just might, fork out for a season ticket for 2011-12. But in this swirl of special offers one fan in particular is missing out, and he or she is the most loyal of all – the away fan. Find out how, and what you can do to fix that, here.