IMPS & Impdom - A Call To Psalms Not Arms

24 April 2011 09:09
This ones For Sincil Bank and Impdom its very self. We knew the Gigg Lane trip would be a hard one and that the fates elsewhere would also conspire to  BURY us. But Cheltenham are ours for the taking at Sincil Bank tomorrow.   A Call to Psalms not Arms Imps & Passionistas. Forget 'sack the board' or booing McCallum  lets kick start our saving grace at the Bank while she is still our spiritual home   Tell your friends because we are going to need every member of the choir for A must win Cheltenham Cup final AKA Bank Holiday Bacchanalian at the Bank.   Tomorrow destiny is not only back on our side but back in our own hands.   For this one counts - its a 6 pointer that will save our skins  or set us on course to Blue Square oblivion and a new ground that will please many - in the media especially it would appear the cure all. A nice small one no doubt - out of town whilst the centre of Lincoln gets the huge expansion opportunity developers drool over. Wouldn't a better team and an ambitious board who can get access granted help the club maximise its potential far more. For Sincil Bank will be worth far more to whoever unlocks that little key.   But there are more important fish to fry for fans of the club tomorrow We like Tilson and our beloved Imps must focus   So  Make Monday a Cup final  - the Cheltenham Festival II - Let us show how the Passionistas have consistently sung whether we have lost drawn or won.   Ever since 4-4-2 saw us turn 0-1 into 5-1 V Accrington with just the dark to mask those empty seats   But we were loud and proud   So wear red and white shirts & scarves old and new even if we are just a few that is the spirit of a dambuster crew.   See you tomorrow   if you are that way inclined join the facebook page and let us know where we should go for a prematch drink?     CHELTENHAM CUP FINAL FACEBOOK PAGE HERE   The Imps are staying up! The Imps are staying up! And now your gonna believe us And now your gonna believe us And now your gonna belieeeeeve us The Imps are staying up!