Grimes Can Kick start Eastenders Revolution at Imps.

21 April 2011 10:33
20 goals this season could be just the start of things to come Ashley Will Grimes join the growing cast of East Midlands East Enders set to join the imps at the end of the season? Perhaps but only should a rumoured take over actually take place.  But let us not get ahead of our selves for there is glory yet in this season. Namely survival and on-loan Millwall striker Ashley Grimes who is agonisingly close to joining our elusive 20 goal club and the Imps. This is something home games against Cheltenham and Aldershot will undoubtedly ensure, giving us a thrilling end to an otherwise dire 2010/11.   But wait, for there is more glory Ashley. If you sign at the end of the season you could well make the top ten of all time at this rate. Oink flap, oink flap - look yonder our lucky heard of flying pigs is with us - eat your heart out Wycombe Comanche and Barnet boss Laurie Sanchez.   Actually not for when ever we get a proven striker, and Grimes is undoubtedly set to become a favoured son for this season at least (eh Uncle Bob?),  they are stolen from our grasp. Even when we enjoyed the Championship, or in those days Division 2 status, the flowers were plucked for princely sums like £500k for Ainsworth, in this years L2 team of the year or Jock Dodds when the notes wre like table napkins. Mind you £12-15k was not just a signing on bonus in those days it was enough to purchase and paper a house uphill, buy a sports car and a boat in the Brayford.   Take a look at this link  Ashley,  two more seasons and you would be knocking on the door really soon as you can  see from our top 10 goal machines HERE