Get Mike Foley & His Cash In Quick

12 April 2011 09:57
Come on Imps spread the word on Facebook and twitter and round the pubs. Foley In! French Riviera based entrepreneur Michael Foley has had his offer of cash rejected by the Lincoln City board. Our understanding is that his desire to make up the requisite fundes to become a director (£75,000) was just the start with anywhere up to half a million over time. Yet his face did not fit like others in the past. One new investor has come forward, adding £50,000 to his existing stake to reach the required amount. But we all know that our club needs far more.  We need a money man if we are to compete and inspire the fans to return to the club in its time of need. We are suffering the laws of diminishing returns yet our rulers, if Saturday's program notes are anything to go by, have their heads in the sand. Are we all losing interest in the trustees and directors? Has Mr Leonard gone? The way things are going will anybody be surprised if we read in the Echo  that Steve Tilson & Paul Brush  are no longer with us "Who knows?" Surely the time has come when the club has to accept new investment. Forget Sutton and Jackson - they are long gone. Forget the past and look forward to a hopefully better future and get what appears to myself and I'm sure many others good money from Mr Foley and possibly others . From the praise the board have given our new management team, who knows we could be in the Championship in a couple of seasons, and there is only one way to do that. Put your heads together with Mr Leonard and crack on before its too later. PLEASE!  Why not join Lincoln City Mad the site that says what exactly it is on the tin. LCM, your site your voice  and your choice!