Gavin McCallum There is No I in T-E-A-M

23 April 2011 10:04
Winger is really wide of the Mark We know he used to play for Hereford but the Bull from Mad Dog McCallum has shaken LCM Towers to its foundations. Gavin McCallum’s comments in the echo on Friday though deserving of a lambasting of biblical proportions, should however be forgiven if not forgotten in the face of a far bigger story. The Imps, not the Wimps need to stick together to survive.   We, need to win on Monday Gavin, remember that. Remember too that we on this site and in the Stacey West have supported you and the team through thin and thinner this season.  Put things in context, the boos come at the end after us trying to lift you for the preceding 45 minutes of each half. The slow hand clap in the last one was well deserved but it will be flags, banners and horse throats again on Monday from us.   So repay some of those wages and some of that faith on Monday. And have some respect for the working folk in that 3,000 crowd who keep you in the standard of living you enjoy.  If you can’t stand the pressure then maybe 1,000 – 1,500 in the Conference might be a little easier to deal with. You like so many others in this club need to get a sense of proportion and respect the institution you represent.   If not take the train – we are on the mainline to London now.