FSF Safe Standing Petition 10,000 and Rising

09 April 2011 11:06
Six steps to safe standing       The Passionistas will stand throughout the Gillingham game today but we would urge Stockport,  Southend, Bradford, Oxford, Crewe, the Shrews, the Accrington Ultras and every other League 2 fan to add to the 10,000 signatures already on the FSF's safe standing petition. That's enough to fill a proper terrace although the picture below shows the FSF's 6 steps to safe standing way forward   Six steps for Safe Standing  Pic of the sets/terrace set up at Schalke           The FSF's safe standing petition now has more than 10,000 signatures – click here to sign the petition if you haven’t already done so. If you’ve signed the petition, that’s enough, right? Wrong. There’s plenty more you can do to make a difference - get your mates to sign, contact your local MP, email the football authorities, and know your facts. (Safe standing area at Hoffenheim, Gemany, pictured left.) Find out how easy it is to do all that from this link, there's never been a better time for action. Sign the FSF's Safe Standing Petition.