FSF - Fans MP's At A Fans Parliament

16 April 2011 10:05
The annual FSF Fans' Parliament is now three months away LCM asks Lincoln City, Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Boston fans whether they have the time to register for the Fans' Parliament 2011 Saturday 9th July 2011 (Imperial College, London). The Premier League may be a four horse race at best, but at the FSF fans from Npower League 1, Npower League 2 get just as much of a voice as their Npower Championship and PL peers.   So are you busy this summer, do you care passionately about the fure of the game and want to become part of the fans biggest single action group? Thought so then`     REGISTER TODAY: Saturday 9th July 2011 (Imperial College, London) Fans’ Parliament is now three months away so, if you plan on coming along, register today - as football fans know better than anyone, now’s the time to get those cheap train tickets. Fans’ Parliament is the Football Supporters’ Federation’s annual conference where our democratically elected National Council is formed, motions proposed, and debates had. If you’d like to get involved with the FSF’s work, have a campaign idea, or disagree with something we’ve said, this is your chance to have your say. Register today and read more, here.