Forget Eastenders Can Grimes Join Imps 20 Goal Club

21 April 2011 09:29
Bag 1 0r 2 on Monday Ashley and we will all be back for Aldershot. We need just three more goals from on-loan Millwall star Ashley Grimes for it to happen. The Eastenders next two cliffhanging episodes will feature Cheltenham on Monday and Adershot on the final day of the season. Sincil salivates for goal machine Grimes to chime thrice more. That’s right, just 3 in 2 and its 20 goal club hall of fame for you.   Just 20 names make up a membership considered more exclusive than the board itself.  Simon was the last in 2004/05 with 21 and Ainsworth in 1996/97 with 22 before him.  We had two in that fantastic  record breaking Graham Taylor Division 4 championship season with Percy Freeman getting 23 and John Ward 24. Past glories and golden times celebrated by the legions on the West Bank and the Clanford roar.   Incredibly in our 117-year history we have only been blessed with one regular 20 plus goal machine. Billy Dinsdale achieved the feat four times in five seasons. Allan Hall is the only player to top 40 in 1931/32. Three players have topped 30, Andy Graver, John Campbell and Jimmy Hutchinson.   The 20’s Club role of honour has been dusted off 26 times, the 20 different players are therefore an exclusive breed. Mr Yeo was the last chap to do it with 21 in 2004/05; diving for some superb penalties which he duly recovered sufficiently to convert himself. Ten years ago Gareth Ainsworth bagged 22,  in 1982/83 Derek Bell got 23 and Gordon Hobson 21 in 1980/81.     The role of honour reads as follows.   1931/32 Allan Hall 40 41 (plus in 1932/33  32 Aps  G23 ) 1951/52 Andy Graver 35 36 (plus 1953/54 Aps 40 G24 1936/37 John Campbell 42 35 (plus 1935/36 Aps36 G28) 1947/48 Jimmy Hutchinson Aps41 G32 1946/47 Tommy Cheetham Aps36 G26 1927/28 Billy Dinsdale 40 26 (plus 1928/29 Aps27 G22, 1926/27 Aps25 G21, 1930/31 Aps34 G20) 1975/76 John Ward Aps41 G24 1982/83 Derek Bell Aps32 G23 1975/76 Percy Freeman Aps30 G23 1908/09 Billy Langham Aps20 G22 1996/97 Gareth Ainsworth Aps46 G22 1929/30 Henry Roberts Aps23 G21 1898/99 Hugh Robertson Aps34 G21 1949/50 Jock Dodds Aps36 G21 1950/51 Johnny Garvie Aps39 G21 1972/73 Dixie McNeil Aps40 G21 1980/81Gordon Hobson Aps44 G21 2004/05 Simon Yeo Aps41 G21 1966/67 Roy Chapman Aps37 G20 1955/56 Tommy Northcott 40 20