Dr Drones Postbag.

19 April 2011 02:14
Oh yes its full of optimism and Lincolnshire promise.   With Easter in the air your favourite agony Uncle has been reminded of those fantastic derby days against Grimsby Town, York, Mansfield and Boston, by the first fellow out of the postbag. But let’s not count our chickens because the Imps are staying up. Come on take a deep breath, can you smell it? Yes it’s the sunny, funny side of Lincolnshire.   Forkinsugarbowlimp Would you buy a season ticket next season?   DR Drone  Yes who cares what League we are in, we could either be in L2 or playing 4 derbies next year in Grimsby York, Mansfield and possibly Boston. It comes down to are you a loyal Imp or not. Duty comes way ahead of financial considerations and common sense in my book.   Accessman Do you feel the splitting of the ground and the club into two different companies to be a good thing?   Dr Drone Absolutely as it protects the club from any new investor who might want to put more than £75,000 into the club.   Our ground is a fantastic nest egg I think everyone would agree; I would love it as part of my pension portfolio given the state of the stock market. Canned goods and shotguns are my tips for upside.   VikingusurperImp What do you think of the Trust do you think it better run by professionals with a commercial team in its own right?   Dr Drone  A marvellous institution that should not be questioned whoever runs it. As for anyone who dares to question, know your place, any critique is Trust bashing and tant amount to heresy and treason.