Believe Imps - LCM - Mad by name 100% Imp in Nature

29 April 2011 02:19
A message from Dr Sincil Drone oracle of optimism Come on Imps, as the actress said to the bishop, its time to pull together and do the double over Oxford United. Vanquish those relegation demons forever and all live happily ever after.  Spread the lurrrrve, listen to the oracle of optimism Dr Sincil Drone      Believe Imps brothers and sisters, believe Oxford is the one  3 points again just like last time, except this time McCallum will pretend to be Carayol and force them own goals home.   Fear not the tide is turning. From a red spring to a red river to a red sea of Red Imps travelling by free coach, trains and our own steam. Yes this is the one because we Imps make things hard but always come good in the end.   A massive thank you to the two directors and assistant director for the free transport. I think the least we can all do is take a bag of King Size prawns for them last game of the season. They are on a cracking deal at Farm Foods at the moment.   Lincoln City Mad Mad by name 100% Imp in Nature Your Site, Your Voice and Your Choice.