7-8 coaches Better Than Striker From Mike Foley

27 April 2011 07:13
Even optimistic DR Sincil Drone might be cracking - surely not his 1/2 is stilloverflowing.   Rejoice, its a sure fire win at Oxford United now, as the Chairman and Vice Chairman are sharing the cost of free coaches with a fan (say £500 a coach for the day with the petrol) on top of the £10,000 each they have also put into the club this year, Just what those Imps with the stomach and £18.50 need as we travel for 3 ½ hours to Oxford and then back with Hughton & McCallum sure to inspire again   What a nice gesture and one that certainly says to your optimistic columnist DR Drone that we do not need half a million pounds from Mike Foley. Especially  with the change we will have once the ground is sold by whichever company will own it. Strikers may score goals but it is a knew ground that will ensure the fans live happily ever after. And remember not too big now as Darlington are really feeling the strain on their Blue Square adventure (Somewhere we will not be giong this year or next, or the year after - just like last year).   Yes better the devils we know than we don’t eh Imps? And better the coaches at the end of the season if we need them than a striker to maybe inspire or fill Sincil Bank.