Owners aiming high - Fazackerley

22 December 2010 09:09
Leicester City assistant manager Derek Fazackerley says the club have the full backing of the Thai owners to aim high in the transfer market.The Foxes have been linked with a host of international players including David Beckham and Robbie Keane. [LNB]And Fazackeley told BBC Radio Leicester they intend to carry on thinking big. [LNB]"If there is a genuine prospect and a feasible proposition then they [the owners] will look at it and then take if from there," Fazackerley said. [LNB]But Fackerley admits it may not be possible to land the sort of superstar signing they want while the club are still in the second tier of English football. [LNB]"We have to be realistic with our ambitions," Fazackerley said. [LNB]"It is far more difficult to attract players to the Championship than to a Premier League club. [LNB]"We have to achieve Premier League status and if we can do that then the type of players we are talking about become that much more accessible."

Source: BBC_Sport