Naughton explains surfer tribute

14 March 2011 02:55
Leicester City's Kyle Naughton says his surfing goal celebration at Scunthorpe was for fitness coach Chris Short.The on-loan Tottenham full-back smashed in the clinching third goal in the 3-0 victory and then performed a "surfer" routine with room-mate Martyn Waghorn.

Naughton told BBC Radio Leicester: "I don't know why Shorty does it.

"But all of a sudden he jumped down on the floor and started pretending to surf and he's been doing it ever since. It was planned to perfection!"

Naughton, who has now scored five goals in 27 games while on loan at the Walkers Stadium, added: "Waggy is my room-mate and we said if one of us scored we would do the surfer."

Source: BBC_Sport