Mandaric backs mystery investors

26 July 2010 04:23
Leicester City chairman Milan Mandaric says talks with potential investors are continuing and insists that those interested are "football people"."If there is any deal with these people I can tell you they are passionate people who love the game of football," Mandaric told BBC Radio Leicester.

"They are football people and they are not coming here just to make money.

"They are here to participate in the football and to see if they can help elevate the club to a higher level."

Speculation has been mounting for months that Mandaric is looking to either sell up or bring in additional funding.

But while Mandaric admitted discussions are ongoing, he said reports that a deal had been done were wide of the mark.

"We have nothing concrete to report but as soon as we have something the supporters will be the first to know," Mandaric said.

"Whatever happens - if it happens - it will be something to benefit the the fans have nothing to worry about.

"There are some conversations with people who want to come and be a part of the club - and that is what we are working on.

"How much is going to happen and when it is going to happen is hard to say; it could happen in two or three weeks or it could not happen at all.

"If this deal happens it happens for the benefit of the club and not Milan Mandaric."

Source: BBC_Sport