MacDonald denies Heskey exit talk

26 August 2010 09:00
Aston Villa have dismissed reports they have held talks with Leicester regarding a possible transfer of striker Emile Heskey to the Walkers Stadium. The former England player made his initial reputation with the Foxes before signing for Liverpool a decade ago. Now there has been speculation that a return to his first club is a possibility. Villa caretaker boss Kevin MacDonald said: "I worked with Emile as a young boy at Leicester and I've got a lot of time for him. I've not had any talks with Leicester. "I live quite close to Leicester so I know quite a few of the people there and there has been nothing at all. I think Emile Heskey is a very, very good footballer. You don't play as often as he did for England if you are not a good player." MacDonald hinted that Heskey still has an important role to play at Villa. He said: "In my opinion, he has been a top player for a long time. You don't play for Liverpool and win trophies if you are not a good player. Aston Villa need as many good players as they can and then to develop some other ones as well."

Source: PA