Foxes hunt for new training ground

06 January 2010 12:41
City chief executive Lee Hoos has branded the current training ground at Belvoir Drive unsuitable and has made it a priority to find a site for a new development.

"For where we want to take the club, the present training ground is not suitable," Hoos told the Leicester Mercury. "The physical lay-out is not conducive to how you would want to build a training ground.

"We are very progressive and our sports science department is very important, and you can't do pitch rotation because it is on so many different levels. There is actually only one pitch that is full size, the others are either not wide enough or too short which presents a problem for us.

"The building itself needs a lot of work. You wouldn't have that building down at the far end of a training ground if you were starting from scratch, you would be starting in the centre.

"I will be looking for a new site for the training ground, it is something we actively need to pursue and it is something I'm going to be really pushing for."

Source: Team_Talk