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WIN A Signed Copy Of After Extra Time (Dirty Leeds Uncut) by Robert Endeacott

28 Aug 2012 11:24:04

WIN A Signed Copy Of After Extra Time (Dirty Leeds Uncut) by Robert Endeacott

'After Extra Time' is the 'director's cut' version of the novel 'Dirty Leeds' by Robert Endeacott. The new book goes into a lot more detail about Don Revie and the main character Jimmy O'Rourke.

Jimmy O'Rourke is a lad growing up in the grimy, industrial city of Leeds in the early 1960s. He's football mad even though his favourite team, Leeds United, are languishing near the bottom of the Second Division.

But all of that will change as a certain Mr Don Revie takes charge of team affairs. A meteoric rise begins, bringing years of both glory and anguish, while soccer starlet Jimmy aspires to be an integral part of that rise.

After Extra Time contains nearly 50,000 more words than the first version, expanding on various tales and myths featured in the original story, such as Don Revie's superstitiousness, how 'dirty Leeds' came about, plus an insight into the allegations and accusations aimed at the club.

This version features a more detailed and intimate look at Jimmy O'Rourke's life.

About the Author

Robert Endeacott was born and bred in Leeds and still lives in the south of the city and still manages to afford a season ticket despite being a 'dissident' and a 'moron'.

Dirty Leeds was his third novel and After Extra Time is the extended version of that.

Other books by Robert Endeacott (via; One Northern Soul, 2002 Route, No More Heroes, 2004 Relish Books - the sequel to ONS, Fanthology, with Graeme Garvey, 2005 Relish Books, Dirty Leeds, 2009 Tonto Books, DisRepute - Revie's England, 2010 Tonto.


Win a signed copy of the book by answering this simple question;

How many years did Don Revie manage Leeds United?

Email the Editor of LeedsUnitedMAD by midnight Aug 31.


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