'Yellow Peril' Boycotts Elland Road

19 September 2010 12:07
He's one of the more colourful characters among Leeds United's army of fans. Nicknamed the Yellow Peril on account of his eye-catching matchday attire, Alan Fawcett attended every Leeds home game from 1978 until the end of last season. But now Alan is boycotting all the club's fixtures as a protest against disabled ticket price changes. The 60-year-old father-of-seven, who lives in Northampton, said: "It's breaking my heart - Leeds are one of the loves of my life." Alan is classed as disabled because of arthritis and an injury he suffered while serving in the Army. He has previously qualified for a reduced price season ticket while his wife, Anne, went to matches free as his carer. This summer, though, Leeds introduced new rules on eligibility for disabled discounts.As a result, the Fawcetts say they were left facing an increase of £550 in the cost of their seats in United's Revie Stand. "I'm not going back unless the club changes its policy on this," said Alan, whose famous badge-bedecked yellow fleece has been consigned to his wardrobe. The rules introduced by Leeds over the close season involve a points system based on a claimant's eligibility for Disabled Living Allowance (DLA). Alan believes he does not meet the required number of points because he receives a low rate of DLA. In the past, fans only needed a disabled parking badge to be eligible for reductions. Commenting last month on the changes, United chief executive Shaun Harvey said: "Prior to the review we spoke with other Championship football clubs and also examined the proof of disability supplied by fans."We established that the most appropriate document to base our criteria on was the eligibility to claim DLA and on this basis withdrew the ability for fans to claim they were eligible by presentation of their blue badge."