Sexuality in Sport, times are changing

By 30 December 2013 09:20

In modern times were gay marriage has been legalised and there being a common goal for acceptance worldwide, sport hasn’t change with society as fast. Sport is in its own bubble and homophobia still a problem.

We saw earlier this year in February, ex Leeds winger Robbie Rodgers decided to make known his sexuality. Many came out and congratulated him for deciding to make it public but sadly he felt he could only do so once he retired and left the club as he felt he could’ve become a target for opposition fans and worried about the reaction within the dressing room.

Also this year we’ve seen the poster boy for the London Olympics in 2012, Tom Daley decide to make public that he is dating a man on YouTube. No doubt Mr Daley has shown a mature attitude in stopping unnecessary gossip and earning a huge amount of respect all over. To do so, on YouTube is very sensible and not to do it through a magazine allows the honest facts to be out and after a small amount of reporting, it has been settled and he can do exactly what he wished, to carry on. On the negative side there was some abuse over several internet websites and a report on the BBC gave the argument his sponsorship could be knocked by the announcement as a worldwide perspective. A part from that he received much acclaim.

Gareth Thomas the Wales Rugby star is a man that is known more than most for coming out and the cricketer, Steven Davis could also come to mind but there are very few examples for a future or current sports person to aspire to. In Football until Robbie Rodgers there hasn’t been many. One name; Justin Fashanu who was the first million pound black footballer, was also the first professional footballer in Britain to come out as gay. But since then, there has been very few, possible none of that statue to come out, even though attitudes have changed massively.

Many believe they shouldn’t have to come out and it shouldn’t matter but even though in society we’ve come a long way, there’s still a long way for sport to go. And the only sign it’s moving forward will be if more people make it public the acceptance will follow and those who differ and continue to abuse will be just become old opinions and hopefully be silenced by the majority. Now we have seen such a famous and well known sports idol to come out in such a manor, this could lead for others to want to follow him.


Source: DSG

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