New Disabled System Weeds Out The Chancers - Supporter

20 September 2010 01:52
The new system used at Leeds United this season is to do exactly what it should do. To weed out the chancers. It`s also down to the new rules for Championship in regards to disabled supporters. A disabled supporter has to receive DLA (disabled living allowance) to qualify, firstly for a concessionary ticket then, depending on the level of DLA, whether a carer is needed. Now the parameters are something like (and I can`t find my info on this so I may be a little out, but it will be there or there about`s);1 to 3: you pay full price and no free ticket for a carer.3 to 5: you get a concessionary ticket but no carer.5 to 10: you get a concessionary priced ticket (My son's was £305 this season with the early bird discount and is classed as a 10 on the scale) and a carer's ticket free. Quite coincidentally, I have a meeting with the chairman of LUDO (Leeds United Disabled Organisation) on Monday in regards to non-disabled friends of members using the Eddie Gray suite at half time (who are brought in at half time by disabled members (some really take the michael)) then other disabled members can't get in. My lad and I haven`t been able to get in there this season >:( I for one am happy with the changes, so hard luck 'Yellow Peril'.It`s also given me a bonus as the fecker who sat behind me last season and had his two kids with him and did nothing but moan all game long, isn`t there this season!