Leeds Refuse To Sign Rossini

14 July 2014 09:56

With Leeds United languishing over half way down the Championship table at the end of the last season and going through new ownership and a host of changes in the pre-season, when we have all been watching the World Cup, one would think that if there are players of calibre out there who are wanting to play for a top flight team, that those in charge of Leeds United would snap the hand off of a player of Jonathan Rossini’s standard.

He has been with the team, training in their camp in Italy, preparing to play a series of pre-season games, getting ready for the new season to begin, but reports from Leeds United’d web site today say that the club can confirm that they have refused to take him on and he has left the club’s training ground to return to his parent club, Sassuolo.

The Leeds United website says that “after speaking to him, it is clear he did not have the right attitude to join Leeds so we have allowed him to leave. “ Leeds’ owner Massimo Cellino stated that “we want special players at Leeds United” adding his belief that Rossini failed to show enough to the team whilst at the training camp.

This begs a number of questions that Mr Cellino needs to answer. Just what does he consider to be the “right attitude” to join Leeds? Fans across the world are wondering if that means someone with the “yes sir, I will do anything you want” attitude, or the “I am wearing the Leeds badge and I am proud to wear it and play for the team” attitude. If it is the latter, and Rossini failed to show it, then it is best that players who do not have that attitude to play for the team and “march on together” walk out through the door, closing it on the way out. If indeed, as is suspected, it is a case of we only want players who will follow the boss or be continually self seeking, never thinking of the fans who pay their fees each week to see their team, then Leeds are in real trouble.

Another question that appears on the headline whether Leeds able to let players go who are wanting to play for them? We do not know the full story as to why Rossini left the training ground, but something has gone wrong in huge measures in the build up to the new season. Was his attitude something that challenged either the role of Dave Hockaday or even, Massimo Cellino? If this is the case, then one can consider why such a challenge should not go unchecked. Or, it might simply be a case of arguments all round at Elland Road, and with the recent stories coming from there, it does appear as if Cellino wants it his way, or it’s the highway.

One thing that is going to be interesting to see is the balance and drive that the players who stay give to their fans in the new season.

Source: DSG