Jonny Buchan Questionnaire

18 January 2012 03:44
LeedsUnitedMAD asked Yorkshire Radio Football Correspondent & Presenter Jonny Buchan a load of questions on LUFC and he obliged us accordingly! Questionnaire: Jonny Buchan


Leeds LeedsLeeds…Wortley to be precise!

How Long Have You Supported Leeds

It would be just over 17 years now

First Leeds Game Attended

Leeds2-0SheffieldWednesday 1995…Yeboah scoring the first goal I ever saw but I remember the speed tap in much better!

Favourite Premier League Club

Tricky one as I don’t really back any of them….at the moment in time I would probably say Spurs or Arsenal

Have You A Nickname

Bucco is what some of my football friends call me.

What was your ambition as a child

Aside from being an F1 driver I honestly wanted to commentate onLeedsand did so many times on the original FIFA games for hours on end!

Who did you idolise as a child

Damon Hill was my first sporting hero – in football Gary Speed

What has given you the biggest thrill supporting Leeds

There are a few…Mark Viduka’s Liverpool performance was a pleasure to behold…the rarity of seeing a goalkeeper score…Robinson v Swindon…and obviously promotion back to the Championship. But I would have to say the Champions League run and the win vs AC Milan (courtesy of Dida) as I remember running home to see the highlights and also many of my friends were Man Utd + Liverpool fans so it was nice to have some of the limelight

What has been the biggest disappointment supporting Leeds

Relegations are the obvious answer but I would say the exodus at the club of that top flight side…seeing the like of Smith, Kewell, Bowyer, Woodgate being auctioned off caused a long period of heartache where as relegation is hard at the time…but there is always the hope for the next campaign.

What has been the saddest moment in football for you

Without doubt the tragic death of Gary Speed earlier this year, he was the first footballer I idolised and having had the pleasure of meeting him a number of times it was an extremely sad time for the game and everyone involved with it.

Which present day footballer do you admire most

Tough one…I like a work horse so in the Leeds side it would be Robert Snodgrass as his flair is backed up by his work ethic and he is also very personable…away from Leeds…Messi as he seems to do things I can not even contemplate and have to watch two or three times to work out how he even did it! (obvious choice I know but I also like the fact you never read about him in the press…unlike many here in theUK)

Who, in your opinion, is the greatest ever Leeds player

Spending a lot of time in a car travelling to games with Eddie Gray it would be rude of me not to say him! I was never lucky enough to see him play but have been assured he was something special.

Who has been the greatest influence on your career

A good university friend of mine Ben McGrail is the main reason I am in the job I am today after some words of encouragement over a pint (or two) when we graduated, I was considering other careers but he gave me some advice so he has a lot of thanks…but also my Dad who told me to do a job I enjoyed not one which just paid well.

What job would you be doing if not a radio presenter

I am pretty sure I would still be in some form of media/sport job as it is pretty much all I have looked at since at high school…I did get offered the chance to take on a fast track management scheme at a part time job I used to have…but I turned it down!

Away from radio what do you enjoy doing most

I like hanging around with friends and family…visit lots of uni mates around the country but I also like to travel when my budget allows and visiting new places.

What is the oddest thing you have had to do on the radio

Luckily the sports radio world isn’t too odd…but I once had to tell Sheffield Wednesday fans gathered outside Hillsborough that their Chairman at the time Dave Allen had called them ‘Cretins’ …I think there is still a clip of their reaction somewhere on youtube!

Which radio personality do you admire most

I am a big fan of Colin Murray due to his versatility…I know he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but having many string to his bow is something I try to have myself. I also think Richard Bacon (again not always popular) is a great broadcaster.

What is your favourite football ground

Having just been to the Emirates for the first time that was pretty special…but I still get a buzz every time I go behind the scenes atElland Roadas I feel very privileged. Aside from those I quite like the home of Guiseley Nethermoore as a bit of a random visit.

Which guest would you most like to interview

I would like Maradonna…just to ask why? But also following on from earlier I would love to interview Damon Hill to ask about winning the F1 World Championship but also his thoughts on Michael Schumacher robbing him of the title in the 94’ Australian GP. Away from sport someone from the music world like Dave Ghohl.

What other sports and hobbies do you enjoy

I play 5-a-side when possible and run a bit as well…I like live music and try get to as many gigs as possible…bit of an indie/rock kid.

Away from football, who is your favourite sportsperson

Well I have already mentioned Damon Hill as I remember getting up at 3am to watch him win the F1 crown in 96’.

Money no object, who would you buy for Leeds

Messi…no doubt for me he is the greatest player in the world right now…possibly ever. But at the moment I think a defender would be nice and if he was a few years younger Carles Puyol (despite his hair)

Do you have any superstitions

Not really…the volume on my car stereo/TV has to be on an even number…does that count?

What is your most prized possession

I have a 1982 Brazil Shirt signed by Pele when I met him a couple of years ago now…also I have the Champions League programme with Dom Matteo on the front signed by him and a similar one with the Chief.

Is there a work related dream you would like to achieve

I would love to commentate on Leeds in the Premier League obviously…I would also like to travel as part of my job so covering F1 in some capacity would be a real dream come true.

What is your favourite TV programme

Hmmm I don’t watch loads of TV but I enjoy the ‘Big Bang Theory’ right now…I also like Lost when that was around.

Who is your favourite TV star

The blonde girl in ‘Big Bang Theory’ I think she is called kaley cuoco (if that’s what you mean)

What is/are your favourite film(s)

Casino – it’s a great story about the corrupt world ofLas Vegas…I also like Days of Thunder as a bit of fun.

What is your favourite food

A Sunday roast…can’t beat it!

What is your favourite drink

Alcoholic? I am a cider drinker…love the realSomersetstuff…had a visit there last year and brought back supplies!

What is your favourite holiday resort

I love theUS…a dream is to drive from east to west coast…I have visited a few East coast places but never the West.

What books do you enjoy reading

On the same theme as my favourite film I like ‘gangster’ books…real stories though about guys who were involved in the underworld.

Who is the best guest you have had on your show

Fans – they are the best due to the opinions they have and the debate they cause…it’s great to have opposing thoughts which haven’t been manufactured (like some other stations) which create great radio with real passion and at the end of the day sports radio – for me – is all about the fans.

What do you dislike about football

I don’t like the stigma attached to footballers at times…many of them do realise how lucky they are…maybe not the top flight super stars it would seem …but many I speak with do. On the field it’s diving no doubt

 You can hear Jonny on and tweet him on @jonathanbuchan


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