Harvey seeks Grecians explanation

18 January 2010 05:44
Dozens of Leeds fans were pulled to safety to avoid being crushed after the sold-out away enclosure became overcrowded.

Harvey said: "The incident, while disturbing to see, appears not to have resulted in any injuries. Our fans deserve great praise for their patience in what was obviously a very difficult and concerning situation."

Exeter director Julian Tagg, who went on to the pitch to try to help Leeds fans, said: "It wasn't a problem in the end but it could have been."

The Grecians operations director Frances Farley added: "All the tickets were pre-sold to them and we were well within the capacity for the away end. There was a surge as they tried to come into the turnstile which caused congestion at one end.

"The announcements went out to ask people to move forward but as the football was being played they were reluctant to move."

Source: Team_Talk