Cellino In Closed Talks With His Players

03 June 2014 09:15

Today saw another twist in the Leeds United saga as new owner Massimo Cellino recalled all his players from their summer holidays with their families, to a meeting at Elland Road, to discuss the future of the club.

Reports from the Leeds United fan base show that he met with each player on a one to one basis but the contents of the meetings remain private and confidential. Was he trying to assess the desire in his players? Was he figuring out just who to keep and who to sell? We may never know. But what comes out of these meetings is a healthy respect from Mr Cellino towards his players and an equally robust desire from the players to do their best and play with a desire to respect the badge they wear as they try to attain Premier League status by the end of the 2015 – 16 campaign.

Speaking about the meetings, Mr Cellino said, “I met with all the players … and they showed me they wanted to stay at the club.” He then reiterated that each player plays for the club, not for the owner. This sounds on paper a healthy comment to make and the fans will see in the next season just how much that desire is abundant in each player, but what also seems to be the case is that there is a hunger once again at Elland Road, a hunger that some fans have suggested, has been missing in recent times.

Cellino then added that “all the players are hungry to be involved in this new project at Leeds United.”

With the sale of his former club, Cagliari, going through, this bodes well for the team who have spent so much time away from the Premiership. It also makes for an interesting forthcoming Championship season. But what it also does is give the fans some much needed hope as they seek to get back to winning ways and future glory. As the song once rang out, “Glory, Glory, Leeds United!”

Source: DSG