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"God Bless Celtics and Celtic park and its fans all over the world Remember My relative from days gone by the proud Hero Patrick Slavin ."

Glasgow Celtic, A club like no other
""rather than continue debating decisions made in the past which many have long moved on from." Only reason you's voted out rangers was because yous would get a better chance of getting into European football! Thinking yous have a chance in all.. pfft. SFA please tell rangers fans to come to the game, we need the money! Yous will need a lot more than a "calling" to pack your crack shack. Yous come to Ibrox with a handful of supporters and rangers have to give up an average 40% of ticket revenue to yous when an average 90% capacity of the stadium is rangers fans! Jog on yous aren't getting a penny! I had a nice kebab last night though, yous cant get the left overs from that later."

Antony Foster

United anger over ticket decision
"pack tannadump you couldnae even pack your suitcase anyway where in the sfa rules does it state that visiting fans MUST BUY TCKETS FOR A MATCH."

Eric Livingston

United anger over ticket decision

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