Belgian Pro League review - Mechelen vs RC Genk

29 July 2014 09:38

The two teams standing off against one another on Sunday, Mechelen and Genk, both come out of a difficult last season, and thus were eager to start off this season with an opening day win. Genk started attacking right away, and it quickly paid off, with midfielder Hyland slotting it in after nice prep work from Mboyo, just now returning from injury. They could not rejoice long, for Mechelen recovered quickly, and retaliated only fifteen minutes later through Hanni.

The away side had not expected such resistance, and started to panic, resulting in an array of mistakes, practically gift-wrapping chances. Mechelen took Genk’s gifts with gratitude, and broke loose of their opponents, scoring two times in just as many minutes: Adesanya in the 38th, and youngster Claes the minute after.

After the break, Genk wanted to put on an offensive, but was shot down after Hyland received his second yellow card, leaving the trailing team a man light. The home side felt no need to rub salt in the wound, and Genk accepted its demise, leaving the ball to Mechelen, who casually passed it around until the final whistle blew.

A good performance by Mechelen, who seem to have their things in order in regards to organization, while Genk remains on the path downhill they set on last season. And with striker Jelle Vossen leaving soon – several Premier League clubs are eager to sign him – things are looking bad for the Limburg team.

Source: DSG

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