Cologne slam the form of Podolski

21 September 2011 01:05

German international striker Lukas Podolski has been rapped by his club Cologne for inconsistent form, sporting director Volker Finke telling Sport Bild in an interview published Wednesday he could do better.

"He is 26 years old and has close on 100 caps and that shows the quality of this player. He can be a super footballer. But it is not the experienced and subtle player who is the one who always turns in reliable performances," observed Finke.

Podolski, in Finke's view, allows himself to be guided too much by "his emotions, the context (of a match) or matters psychological.

"We saw that while he was at Bayern," said Finke, referring to an unhappy three-year spell with Bayern Munich before Cologne bought him back.

Even so, Finke's criticism comes just days after the striker showed the best of his abilities, scoring twice and making one assist in a 4-1 derby win against Bayer Leverkusen.

Source: AFP