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Costa Rica
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Failed test for Jamaican player

Failed test for Jamaican player

The Jamaican Football Federation has confirmed one of its players failed a doping test following the World Cup qualifier against Honduras on June 11.The news is a further blow to sp..

Jamaica News

  • Jamaica coach Whitmore resigns

    Jamaica coach Whitmore resigns

    Jamaican national team coach Theodore Whitmore, whose team has lost four straight games in qualifying for Brazil 2014, has resigned after a 2-0 loss to Honduras on Tuesday.Acc..

    13 Jun 2013 - 06:46:57
  • Jamaica hold Mexico, Honduras beat USA

    Jamaica hold Mexico, Honduras beat USA

    Jamaica held Mexico to a goalless draw and the United States fell 2-1 at Honduras as the final round of CONCACAF regional qualifying for the 2014 World Cup kicked off.In Panama..

    07 Feb 2013 - 07:16:55
  • Jamaica shock USA in World Cup qualifier

    Jamaica shock USA in World Cup qualifier

    Jamaica shocked the United States 2-1 to seize the lead in their group in the semi-final round of 2014 World Cup qualifying in North and Central America and the Caribbean.CON..

    08 Sep 2012 - 05:17:16


Latest Reader Comments

"Same old story... bring Juventus into any football scandal to ensure press coverage and just when you think there is no problem.... BOOM! Punish Juventus 10 times harder than anyone expects for no specific reason... no evidence... no proof... just hearsay... Sporting justice?! More like Dictatorial rule by decree... Inter & Milan gain once again... if they can't beat us on the field they find a way to hurt us by paying people that can... Conte was chosen as the man to hurt because he brough the fight, grit & determination back to Juve from when he was the Captain as a player. A whole league season without defeat to set a record. This is the man who told his players "when we lose a game I don't want to see any smiles & handshakes at the end of a game" & when Milan were 7 points ahead of Juve seemingly cruising to the title "If they are gonna win the league I want to have to spit blood to do it to hold us back!". Do you honestly think this man would tell his team (Siena at the time) on the verge of a Serie B title "don't worry we have arranged a draw today". A fact that there were 23 people in the room at the time and (Conte & his assistant Alessio) 16 of the players have signed statements denying this but 1 man Carobbio says he did. This is the 'Super Grass' the whole sporting trial is based on. The fact that in a sworn statement to Police on the 19th January 2012 nothing was mentioned of this team talk but magically on the 29th February 2012 (only 5 weeks later) in a statement to Stefano Palazzi the Italian FA Prosecutor, all these new facts incredibly re-appeared in his memories. These new details by the way managed to get his lifetime ban reduced to about 2 years! An incentive for new names to drag into the scandal. Palazzi is the man responsible for getting Juventus relegated in 2006 for some slightly suspicious phone calls but the conversations of Inter Milan which he deemed in 2011 (7 years & 2 months later after they were recorded in 2004) as Sporting Fraud which carries an immediate 2 division relegation or possibly lifetime ban of the club. The problem was he didn’t investigate them until the ‘Statute of Limitations’ came into play 7 years on, making Inter Milan impossible to punish. Guess who were given 1 of the titles taken from Juventus? Inter Milan! The man who signed off the document to award the title to Inter Milan, Guido Rossi, was a former director of which club? Inter Milan! Guido Rossi was also on the board of Directors at Pirelli which is owned by Massimo Moratti. Moratti is the owner of which club? Inter Milan! Telecom Italia were the people responsible for illegally recording conversations of Juventus employees. Who was the major shareholder of Telecom Italia? Massimo Moratti! In May in the legal trial of Telecom Italia’s illegal recording of pretty much anyone important in Italy their former Head of Security, Giuliano Tavaroli stated under oath someone asked him to record the Juventus employees phone calls… Massimo Moratti! Shall I go on? Who benefitted from Juventus being relegated in 2006 and their World Class squad being decimated? Inter Milan by winning the next 4 league titles! When I say World Class I mean World Class… When Italy won the World Cup in 2006 6 Juventus players were on the field in the final & 3 of the French players were at Juve as well! Why would a team that strong even need to cheat to win Serie A? The answer is they didn’t... Last season Juventus won the league unbeaten and Inter Milan finished 7th… basically back to the Status Quo. Strangely enough a new scandal that ends up decimating Juventus has appeared but as the club is whiter than white now they had to hit them indirectly by getting their manager and players suspended for alleged (and completely unproven) incidents from up to 4 years prior while they were at other clubs! Antonio Conte has been suspended for 1 year & 3 months for allegedly telling players the game would be a draw but only 1 of the 23 people in the room remembers it happening. The prosecutor refused to admit the 16 signed statements of the other players in the room as evidence because they are a conflict of interest…? So why haven’t these 16 people been charged with anything? What else can Conte do to prove his innocence? Simone Pepe who has been suspended for 1 year. While at Udinese apparently he was asked to be part of an arranged draw but declined. The allegation was brought forward because a player involved stated he was told by someone this conversation took place… that is all the proof required to ruin somenone’s career… How exactly can Pepe prove this didn’t happen? Leonardo Bonucci has been suspended for 3 years 6 months! Apparently he was part of a fixed match arranged by Masiello (another Super Grass) his former team mate at Bari. The allegation is purely based on Masiello’s word no other evidence has been put forward… How can Bonucci defend himself? Justice or Persecution??? You tell me… "

enzo d

Juve coach Contes plea deal rejected
"I realy happy for juventus foothball club an am happy for team manager conte. I thank god that am a juve fance club, i want juve to call back giovinco, an juve team needs standard striker for future in our team, an i beleaved juve ll surprise in earope chanmpions league. Thanks to god for our club achivement"

azeez gafar

Juventus crowned champions as Milan lose derby
"alright then, let milan have their goal and in return we will have our goal that matri scored in the second half that was ruled offside even though it was clearly onside. "


Conte annoyed by phantom goal talk

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