Group F Showdown - The Lowdown

24 June 2010 12:15
Find out all the permutations as Italy, Paraguay, Slovakia and New Zealand battle it out in Group F for a place in the last 16 of the World Cup.

As they stand:
Paraguay - 4 pts, +2
Italy - 2 pts, 0
New Zealand - 2 pts, 0
Slovakia - 1 pts, -2

- Paraguay v New Zealand LIVE
- Slovakia v Italy LIVE

What they need:

A victory over New Zealand would definitely see them through as group winners whereas a single point would also see them come top as long as Italy only win by a single goal. If Italy win by two goals and Paraguay draw then the group winner will be decided by who has scored the most goals. Paraguay are currently on three, Italy two, New Zealand two and Slovakia one. The Paraguayans can still get knocked out if they lose to New Zealand and either Italy or Slovakia win by enough to overcome their goal difference deficit.

Will definitely qualify for the last 16 if they beat Slovakia this afternoon. Can still come top of the group if Paraguay draw or lose and they can make up their goal difference deficit (currently two goals). A point will be good enough for a runners-up spot but only if Paraguay beat New Zealand.

Three points against Paraguay would definitely see the Kiwis progress through to the knockout stage. If they beat Paraguay by more than Italy beat Slovakia then they will top the group. A point would be good enough for second place as long as Italy draw with Slovakia and score less goals in the process.

Must win to have any chance of making it through the group stage. Top spot is out of their reach but three points against Italy, coupled with a win for Paraguay over New Zealand would see them safely through as runners-up.

Source: DSG