Euro 2012 Press Round-up 29th June

29 June 2012 01:07
MARCA: "Even Panenka was amazed"
Marca's front page is dedicated to Sergio Ramos, who in 3 months has gone from being the butt of all jokes (for his penalty against Bayern Munic in the Champions League) to being a hero. So much so that even the man who gave the name to the way he shot the penalty, Antonin Panenka, has said "He surprised me, I didn't think a defender would have the gut to shoot like that".
Speculation circulating whether Sergio Ramos though on the moment or whether he had practiced his penalty kick were put to rest, as Ramos admitted that it wasn't improvised at all, he had infact had a lot of preparation.
About yesterday's match Marca says "The Italians beat the Germans, and we're face to fac with the treble". About the final the Spanish newspaper calls it a "Final of giants".
The big transfer story of yesterday was that leftback Jordi Alba, who is currently playing in Euro 2012 has signed for Barcelona.

AS: "19.086.000 viewers for the penalty shootout"
The channel Telecinco, who showed the match, got a record high of spectators, thanks tot he match, but specially thanks to the penalty shootout, the 'golden minute' game with Cesc Fabregas' penalty at 23:26 (Spanish time).
Del Bosque says "The players are tired, but we hope to get to the final in good form".
About Sunday's final, As puts "It will be against Italy". A great Balotelli scored two goals and left the pitch injured.
Shock in Spain over Rafa Nadal being beaten by Lukas Rosol "He's Czech, he's 26 and it is his debut in Wimbledon"

A BOLA: "Miguel Lopez for Adrien"
According to this Portuguese newspaper, their is an agreement between FC Porto and Sporting to switch players.
Apparently, André Villas-Boas wants Moutinho for Tottenham, the former Chelsea manager, isn't officially the manager os Spurs yet, however reports say he could be named as early as Monday.
About yesterday's semi-final they show a picture of Balotelli's second goal celebration.
About the Portuguese national team, A Bola says that the have been received at the airport like heroes "Hundreds of fans were waiting for them at the airport, loads of clapping and cheering for the way they played this Euro 2012 tournament.

RECORD: "Almost done"Record's front page is mostly dedicated to Gelson, who is nearly a Sporting player as "He is one step awa from signing for Sporting".
"Bis by Balotelli" That's the title on Italy's 2-1 win and pass to the Euro 2012 final.
Record also shows a picture of the players going back to Portugal, received by "a sea of supporters". The 'Quinas' were surprised by the warm reception from supporters.
GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT: "It's us"The headline "Siamo Noi" literally means 'we', but in this context it means 'it's us'. Thanks to Super Balotelli and his two goals, all of Italy is celebrating.
The Gazzetta classifies the match against Germany as a 'joke' and "now it's time to face Spain".
Cesare Prandelli, who is looking at Sunday's game says "We will have to find extra strength to play against the Spanish". Cassano and Montolivo were the inspiration behind the victory.

Source: DSG