Cassano hopes there are no gays in Italy team

12 June 2012 04:47

Antonio Cassano said Tuesday he hopes there aren't any gays in the Italy team but wouldn't know if there were any.

The jovial joker was asked during Tuesday's press conference about a rumour that there are two homosexuals and two metrosexuals in the Italy squad, a question which visibly amused the AC Milan striker.

"What's a metrosexual?" he asked the questioner. "If they're queer, that's their problem. I hope there aren't any queers in the national team.

"But if they're queer, it's their business. Are there any? I don't know."

The question and answer brought howls of laughter from the Italian press corps after which Cassano turned to the translator and added: "You're not going to translate that to the Polish press, are you?"

Homosexuality in football is an issue that comes up often in Italy.

Source: AFP

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