Keane apologises for Ireland rant

25 November 2009 03:55
Ipswich boss Roy Keane has apologised for his comments following Ireland's failure to qualify for the World Cup finals after their defeat by France.The Ipswich manager was challenged during a question and answer session at the club's AGM by a shareholder who asked him to resign for his outburst. [LNB]Keane responded: "The comments were perhaps over the top and I apologise to any supporter I might have offended. [LNB]"I'm 38 years of age and I'm going to make mistakes." [LNB]The former Republic of Ireland captain had urged the Football Association of Ireland to "get over it".[LNB] I know that if results don't improve I'll lose my job, but I'm not fearful Roy Keane His outburst followed calls for the play-off to be replayed following a handball from Thierry Henry which resulted in France's equaliser, scored by William Gallas, as they secured a 2-1 aggregate victory. [LNB]Around 150 supporters attended the plc AGM, representing the 12.5% of the club not owned by Marcus Evans. [LNB]Keane reiterated his own disappointment at the club's poor start to the season which has left them in the bottom three of the Championship. [LNB]Ipswich chief executive Simon Clegg repeated that Keane's position is not in any danger. [LNB]However the Town boss told the meeting: "I know that if results don't improve I'll lose my job, but I'm not fearful."

Source: BBC_Sport