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Indonesian given life ban for punching referee

Indonesian given life ban for punching referee

An Indonesian player was handed a life ban Wednesday for punching a referee in the face, with officials saying the outburst of violence had "tarnished the image of Indonesian football"...

Indonesia News

  • Rival Indonesian football leagues to resolve row

    Rival Indonesian football leagues to resolve ..

    Two rival football federations in Indonesia have promised to resolve their differences to avoid looming FIFA sanctions which include a ban on playing international matches.Foot..

    20 Feb 2013 - 04:46:55
  • FIFA boss tells Indonesia to get house in order

    FIFA boss tells Indonesia to get house in ord..

    FIFA President Sepp Blatter on Saturday described the world body's decision to grant Indonesia an extension to solve its football crisis as a "Christmas gift", urging it to get its "h..

    15 Dec 2012 - 06:16:53
  • FIFA spares Indonesia from sanctions

    FIFA spares Indonesia from sanctions

    Indonesia evaded sanctions from world football regulator FIFA Friday, the nation's federation said, and was given an extension to resolve a row that h..

    14 Dec 2012 - 16:16:52


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"The prime minister is a racist! He is a Red Star Partizans Communist who hates Croatians and continues to do whatever he can with Patizan Communist President to dissolve the Croatian State. Whenever this communist gets an opportunity to condem Croatian nationalists he "pounces" on it like a true communist swine!!!"


Croatia - Croatia PM condemns racist fans
"I am Croatian andI honestly feel ashamed of what fistful ofignorant NON-CROATS created recently. Unfortunately thisincidents resultin all Croats to be tarred with the same brushand thisis definitely how thisissue should be portrayed.I believe that Croatianinterior authorities are preparing severe sanction against theseindividualsandI support these measures. WhileI personally distance myselfand strongly condemn this behaviourI would like to use this opportunityand respectfully ask FIFAand UEFA to for a moment, just for a moment, direct their sanction arrowsand accusations towards officials that were selectedin refereeing Croatian matches. What a ridiculousand pathetic response to the professional ethic thatis expected for highly rated referees. Will they be penalised financially for their blunt mistakes? Will their names be dragged through the mud of shame? Will they be sanctioned? Will? Will? Well,I guess that answeris known. So, let’s lookinto thisissue from the view of thousands of Croatian supporters who went to Poland and Ukraine, who cheered Croatian side, who shared few drinks (often more than few), hugsand happy moments with other supporters, regardless to the Nationality, Language, SKIN COLOUR etc, who don’t want to be called racists, because thisis not what we are! "

Capt. Ivica Nikolic

Croatia facing fresh rap over racism
"Follow the Jelavic road!"


Jelavic out to prove himself on Euro stage

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