In The face of adversity

30 July 2013 09:02
The tigers are understandably underdogs on Premiership opener.

With just over a fortnight remaining before City venture south to the fortress that is Stamford Bridge, consensus is already telling us that "The special one" is dismissing the story of David and Golieth as optimistic rubbish.

A general pole on a Chelsea chatsite has them with a 93% chance of beating the Tigers which indicates the Blues fans think it will be a stroll in the park.

23% of opinion is a 3-0 thumping of city while an upbeat 10% are hedging their bets at a 5-0 anhialation. The best scoreline achieved in City''s eyes is a 1-1 draw with City taking the lead thanks to Steven Mouyokolo''s first goal for city back in 2010.

A draw would see a return of 6/1 while a city victory attracts long odds of 15/1.

You can bet that Mourinho will be looking at City''s game as a confidence booster prior to facing off against Man U and Bayern Munich in games 2 and 3 for Chelsea but wonder if he will keep his new signings fresh for what would appear to be the tougher games and argueably more important.

But the starting 3 points will be a must for the Londoners if they are to be serious league champion contenders and 3 points for city would be a dream start as it would be for anyone with a tenner on City.

Source: Hull City Mad