Hull City's pre season

21 July 2013 07:29
Don't read too much negativity into pre season 0-0

The game between Hull City and Sheffield Wednesday is being bandied around as a none event and a bore draw with many fans feeling a little robbed of a blood and thunder encounter. The reality is that City are still trialing new signings as well as raising match fitness levels and the game at the Estadio Municipal in Albufeira was hardly likely to stage an F.A. cup style game with both combatants going hammer and tongs at each other.

                On a positive note, by and large City’s playing squad came through the 90 minutes with no more than a few pre season pulls and the last thing Bruce would have wanted is injury problems due to players committing to any risky altercations on the pitch and City’s new hopefuls enjoyed showing glimpses of good sharp football we are keenly looking forward to in a few weeks time.

                The 250 or so travelling city fans hope for a little more spark against Braga on Tuesday but in all honesty and with the priority of City’s match fitness levels improving while at the same time keeping risk of injuries down to a minimum I would be quite happy with another 0-0 just so long as Bruce gets out of the tour the information he needs to field the right squad in peak condition against Chelsea.

Message to fans “Keep Calm” Message to Bruce “Carry On”

Source: Hull City Mad