Hull City's Phil Brown is 'childish and pathetic' says Caleb Folan

08 October 2009 10:02
Folan has joined Middlebrough from Hull on loan this summer after an unhappy period under Brown at the KC Stadium.

Brown criticised Folan's attitude as well as his impact, and those comments have drawn a fierce reaction from the Ireland international.

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"I've done nothing but perform to my best every time I've been there. Every day that I was there in training. I've probably been the best trainer, so for him to come out with comments like that, it was quite embarrassing really.

"It was difficult to hear, but I've got to know what he's like. That's his kind of way and if he wants to come out with stupid comments like that then just let him be. I think, most importantly for him, he needs to concentrate on managing the team as a team.

"They're not doing very well at all and I think comments like that to the press aren't really on - not for players who worked hard the time they were there, and people know that. I think it's just childish really.

"You get used to it. And if that's how he wants to come across then just let him be. That's laughable to me. I laughed when I first heard of it. My first reaction was to laugh because it was so pathetic.

"It's very strange because it's a good set-up there, but I just think they're not being managed in the right way.'"

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Source: Telegraph

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