Hull City v Beijing Guoan live!

29 July 2009 01:10
Hull will now face Tottenham in Friday's final of the Asia Trophy. Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoyed the game. Zhou hammers well over the top and we are all over. 5-4. Folan scores easily to keep us going. 5-4. Hui Guo sends us to sudden death. 4-4. Bryan Hughes calmly strokes home. 4-3. Sui blazes high over the top and the scores remain level. Opportunity missed. 3-3. Marney 's effort is saved and Beijing take the advantage. 3-3. Bowen Huang sends Duke the wrong way and we remain at 100 per cent conversion rate. 3-3. Cousin blasts home to make amends for his lacklustre showing. 3-2. Ting Zhou is up next for Beijing and buries the ball into the top corner. 2-2. Turner goes for pure power and smashes into the corner. 2-1. Wei Tau looks far from confident as he steps up, but drills low into the corner. 1-1. Devitt bravely steps up first and makes no mistake. 1-0. Who is going to be a hero, and who will be today's villain. I'm going to sit on the fence and refrain from picking a winner! Hull 1 Beijing 1. We go to penalties as 90 minutes fails to seperate the two sides. Most of the players look dead on their feet, so I'm expecting some pretty poor efforts from 12 yards to be coming up! 90+2 The ref looks at his watch and then decides to put the players through a bit more torture. How some of them are still going is beyond me. 90+1 My hat is safe, but Martinez almost makes me look very foolish as he launches one last effort. Duke is down smartly to smother the low drive, but for a moment it appeared to be sneaking under his body. 90 Into the final minute and I will eat my hat if we get a goal now! 89 Wei Tau goes for goal and almost catches Duke napping at his front post. The Tigers keeper does well to get across and parry behind, with most expecting a cross. 88 As I say that Zayatte is caught out by Pu Yang and is forced to concede a cheap free-kick in a dangerous position. 87 William calls on the crowd to make more noise, as if that is necessary! Beijing may be left to rue a number of missed opportunities as I can't see us getting a winner in normal time. 85 Cousin, who has barely touched the ball since coming on, blazes a poor shot from distance high, wide and handsome. No wonder Brown is trying so hard to get another striker in! 84 Not much happening now I'm afraid, with both sides seemingly willing to try their luck in a shootout. 82 Hughes looks keen to make a positive impression and has brought a few nice fancy flicks into the game. They haven't come off, but you can't blame him for trying something different. 81 The Hull boss was right to look concerned, as Beijing come agonisingly close to grabbing a second. Hui Guo throws a leg at a driven cross which flashes across the face of goal and is left holding his head in his hands as his effort clips the post. 80 Brown is starting to look a bit more edgy on the bench. Not yet on his feet, admittedly, but the smile of earlier has been replaced by a worried frown. 79 Folan deserves tremendous credit for the work he has put in today. He may not get as many goals as he, and the supporters, would like but he puts in a shift every time he enters the field. 78 Dawson and Devitt on for Hull, while Mendy and Boateng take a well-earned break. 77 Pu Yang enters proceedings in place of Ryan Griffiths. 76 Great defending by Zayatte as he times a challenge perfectly. He is straight to his feet and looking to launch a counter attack, but his mates are on a different wavelength. 75 Beijing are looking to spread play at any given opportunity. They are well aware that they have Hull on the rack and are keen to take advantage. The Tigers continue to play very high up the field, which seems dangerous given most of their players look on the verge of collapse. 74 Kilbane caught in possession, tired legs beginning to tell, but yet again Beijing's delivery is woeful. Turner is given acres of space in which to head an aimless cross back towwards halfway. 73 Martinez's delivery lets him down as his set-piece drifts over the heads of those in the middle and out of play on the far side. Hull take a moment to catch their breath and wonder what they need to do in order to stem the tide. 72 Martinez stands over another set-piece in Tigers territory. What can he do with this? He looks to pick out Bowen Huang down the right wing and Hull are forced to concede a corner. 71 For those wondering how the competition works. We will go to spot kicks should the scores be level at the end of 90 minutes. No need for extra-time in this heat! 70 There is no urgency from Hull at the moment, and Beijing are banging on a brick wall. I'm afraid to say we could be heading for penalties. 69 Willing run once again from Ryan Griffiths pulls Tigers defenders out of position. He moves too soon and is flagged on this occasion, but Turner and co. look ragged. 68 Rash from Mendy. He gets caught on the ball and proceeds to haul down Zhou. No complaints as he sees yellow. 67 Beijing are still pinging the ball around, making Hull chase shadows. So far the Tigers have stood relatively firm, but they can only resist for so long. There are only looks like one team scoring at the moment, and that's the hosts. 66 Hui Guo on for the hosts in place of Yan. 65 Good work from Folan provides Mendy with an opportunity to pick out a ball over the top. He tries his best to pick out a team-mate, but his pass is overhit. 64 Zayatte's first involvement is to concede a free-kick. A very rusty looking challenge does not bode well! 63 Here come the changes! Geovanni, Barmby and Halmosi are hauled off - Hughes, Cousin and Zayatte replace them. 62 Dangerous from Turner and he launches into a challenge on Martinez. The home fans are in uproar, but nothing is given. Turner did actually get the ball, so good decision by the referee. 61 Wild effort from Beijing flies high into the stands with Duke waving it over the top. Les Motherby is proud to see Hull strutting their stuff on the global stage and feels Tigers deserve their moment in the spotlight. I agree. It's nice to see clubs causing a few upsets every now and again. 59 Geovanni is flagged offside as he looks to make headway down the left. He disagrees with the call and lets the linesman know his feelings. 58 Matic makes way for Bowen Huang. 57 Wei Tau has looked bright following his introduction and the Tigers are struggling to contain him. 56 Geovanni meets the low delivery with a well-struck volley and is amazed to see Yang spring to his right and push the effort round the post. So close to a second for the Tigers but it is not to be. 55 Mendy does well to force over a cross from the right as he makes a bright burst. First time the full-back has got forward. 54 Ryan Griffiths scuffs a good opportunity wide as he finds space to turn and shoot on the egde of the box. 53 William hacks down Geovanni and is lucky not to face further punishment. Hull have yet to get the Brazilian into the game aftet the break, and they have offered little threat as a result. 52 Poor clearance from the so far reliable Yang allows Hull the opportunity to mount an attack. Their efforts fail miserably as a stray pass from Boateng surrenders possession. 51 Ting Zhou tries his luck on this occasion, blasting goalwards from a tight angle. His drilled effort flashes well wide, but the hosts are well on top at the moment. 50 Duke can only parry a long-range effort as he is unsighted. Beijing are flying and the crowd have found their voice again. 49 Free-kick to Hull from wide on the right as the hard-working Folan is felled. Halmosi drifts over a cross into the heart of the box and Zhi Yang once again does well as he comes and punches off the head of Turner. 48 Hull have been rocked by the goal and wobble again almost immediately. On this occasion sheer numbers allow them to see out the danger, but they looked far from assured. 47 GOAL WILLIAM - Beijing level matters inside two minutes. New arrival Wei Tau whips over a cross and William darts in front of his man to bundle the ball past Duke. Game on! 46 Early corner to the hosts as they start in positive fashion. Hull get us up and running again. No changes for Hull at the break, but Beijing have made plenty! Zhou, Lu and Yang are all off, while Sui, Tau and Zhang are on in their place. We are just about ready for the second half in Beijing. Can the Tigers hang on and reach Friday's final or will the hosts turn the tie on its head? Let's see! Thanks to Philip Ibbertson for getting in touch. He is hoping Geovanni can reproduce his heroics today when the new season gets underway next month. He is something of a mercurial talent, who drifts in and out of games, and Brown needs to make sure he gets the best out of the Brazilian next term as the Tigers are hardly blessed with firepower at the moment! Remember you can contact me direct with any questions, points of view, tips etc. throughout the game at Hull 1 Beijing 0. We reach the interval with Geovanni's spectacular strike seperating the two sides. It's been a decent contest, without scaling the heights. The heat will take its toll in the second half, but who can cope with the conditions better? 45+1 Hull look happy just to get to half time and have a sit down! Little effort is being put into launching an attack and the ref may as well blow the whistle. One minute of stoppage time to be played. 45 Beijing win another corner in the closing stages of the half, only to do nothing with it yet again. The final ball has let the Chinese outfit down on countless occasions today. 44 Martinez is hauled off the pitch and we are free to continue. Too many free-kicks are spoiling the flow of the game at the moment and neither side can find any rhythm. 43 The hardy bunch of Tigers supporters in attendance are doing their best to be heard above the din from the home fans. To be fair, considering how outnumbered they are, they are not doing a bad job. 42 Folan is fortunate to escape a caution as he clatters into Martinez. The Beijing man remains grounded and the physios trot onto the field - slowly! 41 Matic, who has been fired up from the off, goes into the book for a clumsy challenge on Boateng. 40 Poor from Beijing as they waste another corner by trying a training ground routine which goes badly wrong. 39 It's all gone a bit quiet on the attacking front for Hull at the moment and they find themselves on the back foot once again. 38 Back to action on the field, and Beijing go close to finding an equaliser. Ryan Griffiths bravely gets his head to a low cross, as he battles with Turner, but lofts a glancing effort over the bar. Regards to Kjetil for getting in touch and joining the great Brown 'tan' debate. He and his friends feel the Tigers boss may wear make-up and feel the heat in China will catch him out. I can confirm that he doesn't appear to be dolled up here today. He just looks like he enjoys a good sunbed session every now and again! 36 Martinez lines up another long-range free-kick, but fools everybody by lofting a delictae ball to the back post. Ting Zhou is well forward to meet it, but can only direct a tame header straight at Duke. 35 A bout of head-tennis ensues in the Hull box, involving both sides, until the Tigers eventually hammer the ball to safety. 34 Kilbane gets an important toe to a hopeful lump over the top as Joel Griffiths looks to feed off scraps. Beijing have gone very route one at times and the Tigers have been caught out playing a high line. 33 Yan makes a mug of Kilbane, who is wary of conceding a penalty, but fails to keep the ball in play as he heads for the by-line. Glimpses again that Beijing should not be written off just yet. 32 Beijing fail to make the most of the opportunity, though, and the Tigers see out the danger. 31 Handbags between Matic and Boateng after Halmosi concedes a free-kick. Duke is then almost caught out by a 35-yard, dipping effort from Martinez and is forced to push the ball around the post. 30 Joel Griffiths looks to combine with Martinez on the edge of the box, but the route to goal is quickly blocked off. Yan then fires a speculative effort over the top from just inside the area. 29 The home fans have gone very quiet, in comparison to what they were like at the start, and Hull will regard that as a positive sign. 28 Time seems to stand still for a moment as everyone expects an aimless long ball to drift out of play. It sneaks down the touchline, though, and Barmby is unfortunate not to latch onto it before it does finally cross the white line. 27 Pushing and shoving in the box between Folan and William sees the Hull man penalised and the Tigers are forced to beat a hasty retreat. 26 Marney goes for goal, when he has options in the middle, and wins another corner as hius effort deflects behind. Wrong choice, and he knows it. 26 Back-heel from Geovanni frees Halmosi on the left, and he wins another corner. The set-piece comes to nothing as Hull try to be too clever and end up back on halfway. 25 Heavy touch from Duke gives Ryan Griffiths a sniff of an opportunity, The Tigers keeper recovers well, though, and hammers clear. 24 Geovanni is hacked down on this occasion, by Matic, and looks far from impressed when a free-kick is not forthcoming. The Brazilian has looked sharp and he will once again be vital to the Tigers in the coming campaign. 23 Kilbane takes the free-kick from wide on the left, but Zhi Yang is smartly off his line to pluck the ball out of the air. 22 Jiang Lu dives into a tackle on Halmosi and is rightly cautioned. 21 Phil Brown looks very relaxed on the bench. Perhaps because he sees this trip as an ideal opportunity to top up his infamous tan! Or maybe it's because his team are in control of the game and are on course to reach the Asia Cup final. Either or! 20 Perhaps that wasn't the best idea as play breaks down and Beijing look to break. Martinez ghosts in behind Kilbane, but then fails to pick out a team-mate with a cross. Hull survive - just! 19 Jiang Lu causes Kilbane problems down the left and sees his attempted cross knocked behind. The corner comes to nothing as Hull play their way out from the back. 18 Turner comes up for the resulting corner and rises highest to win a bullet header. Unfortunately his effort is off target and the scoreline remains the same. Having got to the ball, and from three yards out, he should really have done better. 17 Almost an own goal as Halmosi skips in behind. His low drive across the keeper is poor, and would have drifted wide, but Darko Matic almost slices his clearance into his own net. 16 Just not happening for Beijing at the moment. Passes are not reaching their targets and clever runs are not being spotted. Again, though, they are full of running and their physical shape could pay dividends the longer the game goes on. 15 A few nice touches from Aussie midfielder Joel Griffiths for Beijing. He looks capable of causing a few problems given time and space. 14 Good pressure from Boateng as he forces Hao Yang towards his own goal. However, the Tigers skipper then gets a bit over excited and concedes a needless free-kick. 13 End-to-end stuff as Beijing threaten to profit on soem loose defending from the Tigers, before Hull counter and Geovanni slices wide as he looses his footing at the vital moment. 12 Just seen a few close up shots of some of the Hull boys and they are dripping. It's so hot out there. I for one am happy to be watching rather than playing! 11 Corner to Hull on the right is taken my Halmosi. The delivery is poor, though, and only finds the grateful hands of the keeper. 10 Geovanni almost has two in as many minutes as Yang races smartly from his line to cut out a dangerous cross from Boateng. Hull will feel much better for having taken the lead and I expect them to now take greater control of proceedings. 9 GOAL GEOVANNI - After a slow start Geovanni brings the game screaming to life. He picks up a sloppy clearance 25-yards out and unleashes an unstoppable drive past Zhi Yang. Hopefully that will be a sign of things to come! 8 Folan throws a high ball towards the corner for Geovanni to chase. He gives his all to reach the ball first, but comes off second best in a foot race. 7 Hull are leaving gaping holes at the back and need to watch the nippy Beijing frontmen exploiting the open spaces. Brown's men are obviously some way short of being match sharp, but they look tired already! 6 The hosts work the corner short and the Tigers are caught napping. A clever delivery picks out Yunghai Zhou in the box and he nods narrowly over the top. Early warning for Hull. 5 Beijing win the first corner of the game as they find space down the left and force Mendy into some sharp defending. 4 First spell of prolonged possession for Hull as they start to get to grips with the game. They don't really get anywhere, though, and the ball ends up at the feet of Duke. 3 The hosts are knocking the ball around in positive fashion early on. Hull are not going to get things all their own way and anyone expecting a comfortable victory could be in for a shock! 2 Martinez makes positive progress for Beijing towards the heart of the Tigers defence, but is stopped in his tracks before he can enter the penalty area. 1 An almighty roar greets the start of the game. It's fair to say the home support don't regard this as a friendly! Beijing get us underway. We are closing in on kick-off and the ground is filling up. There promises to be a lively atmosphere, with 250 plucky Tigers fans said to have made the trip. Can their side cope with the humid conditions or will they wilt against the current leaders of the Chinese top flight? We are about to find out. Phil Brown has named a strong starting XI for today's contest in China, but how do you see the game going? Can the Tigers claim a morale-boosting success or will they find themselves on the wrong end of a shock? Is the result important or is building match fitness the most important factor at this stage of pre-season? Beijing team: Zhi Yang, William, Yunhai Zhou, Ting Zhou, Matic, Lu, Hao Yang, Martinez, Joel Griffiths, Ryan Griffiths, Yan. Subs: Sipeng Zhang, Lang, Sui, Pu Yang, Tao, Huang, Xinxin Zhang, Guo, Zhu. Hull team: Duke, Mendy, Gardner, Turner, Kilbane, Marney, Geovanni, Boateng, Halmosi, Barmby, Folan. Subs: Warner, Cooper, Dawson, Zayatte, Doyle, Cousin, Devitt, Atkinson, Hughes, Carney, Featherstone. You can air your opinions on the game, Hull City in general or whatever you want by contacting me direct at and I will try and get an assortment of responses into the clockwatch. The Tigers will not take the game lightly as they look to step up their preparations for the new Premier League season, so expect a competitive contest all round. Tottenham secured a rather mundane 1-0 victory over West Ham in Wednesday's early game, so hopefully we will get a bit more excitement this afternoon. Welcome to our coverage of today's second instalment from the Asia Trophy as Hull City take on Beijing Guoan.

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