Folan pleads his innocence

27 April 2009 08:48
Hull striker Caleb Folan has pleaded his innoncence over his sending off against Liverpool.

Folan was red-carded shortly before the hour of Hull's 3-1 defeat to Liverpool by referee Martin Atkinson for kicking out at Martin Skrtel as the pair battled for possession.

Tigers boss Phil Brown had no complaints with the dismissal, but Folan is still at a loss as to why he was sent off.

"I was trying to get past the defender but he got in front of me and was trying to obstruct me," said Folan.

"He was making it hard for myself and I don't know whether the referee pulled me for the use of my arm or my foot towards the end.

"I don't know whether he thought I purposely meant to kick him but I didn't intentionally kick him. I didn't intentionally mean to swing out with my hands or my foot.

Frustration"It was more a frustration thing. He played it quite cleverly and has made the most of it as well. I didn't feel I made contact with him but the referee didn't explain what it was for.

"There is a monitor on the way up the tunnel and I had a quick look. I didn't really know what to make of it. It was kind of in the moment. I did swing my leg but what I am trying to say is that I didn't mean to kick him.

"It was more kicking out in frustration but the referee obviously hasn't taken it like that."

Folan revealed he will speak to Brown on Monday to decide if the club have any grounds to appeal the red card.

"I have not spoken to the manager so I don't know what extent the club are likely to appeal the decision. I will speak to the manager on Monday and take it from there," concluded Folan.

Source: SKY_Sports