Allam earns his Tiger stripes with Long and Jelavic signings

17 January 2014 01:58

Twice breaking their transfer record in the space of a few days, Hull have made a statement of intent. "We're here to stay!" But so has Assem Allam, the club owner, and i suspect that statement is exactly the same.

5 points clear of the relegation zone, but 7 behind the next highest place team, two good strikers should ensure their safety, and increase their goal tally per game. Both Nikica Jelavic, (whose transfer will cost in total approximately £7.5million according to Sky Sports speculation), and Shane Long (whose transfer according to the BBC is around a similar amount), are proven goalscorers but it is the recognition of the owner's willingness to plough money into the team which might finally get the fans on his side, and also entitle him to go ahead with the much maligned name change from Hull City, to Hull Tigers.

Realistically, in seasons to come, the best Hull can ever hope for is a good cup run, and a place in the Europa League, in terms of success, as they simply cannot compete with Chelsea and Manchester City's of this world, but in terms of football, the quality you will get week in, week out, can only benefit with the bringing in to the club of such players. Ask any Swansea fan who got to see them beat Valencia 0-3 in the Mestalla Stadium what the experience felt like, and you'll envy them the opportunity.

With the acquisitions in the last few days, Assem Allam has finally earned his stripes and can be considered a man who is focused on improving his Hull side. Coming from a neutral, I think maybe this could be the £15million gesture which allows him enough credit with the fans to accept his attempted name change. Because, after all, 24 years on, if I can still call a Snickers bar a Marathon, (and I do loudly!), what's to stop die hard Hull City fans simply not using the "Tigers" name at all?


Source: DSG