A Game of 2 Scalves

01 November 2010 08:13
Hull City's fortune changes at Barnsley The 1 -1 result at Barnsley last weekend is probably seen by most as a bore draw. But for all those who are looking deeper into the workings of Hull City will have seen much much more, in fact they will have seen the end to the dismal run of results and signs of brighter times ahead. Ok sure, In the first half against Barnsley, City where poor,nothey where dire. Barnsley where not much better, but the ongoing monotony and lack of inspiration and deep rooted dejection amongst the City squad was nailed to the cross (bar) with a wonder strike by Hammil on the 24th Minute. It was an absolute blinder that had earned the unofficial title "Goal of the Day".we can't deprive Barnsley of that, after all We have our memories of Giovanni's thunderbolt against Arsenal, but,,,never the less by half time we where 1 -0 down. But.Whatever was said in the dressing room at half time and whatever cosmic forces where at play, the aura around Hull City was very much changed as the team took to the field for the final 45 minutes. I am not suggesting we where full of awe inspiring talent and creativity but we where still battling. All too many times have we seen the Tigers heads go down when going a goal behind, or panic with kick and rush football but City where rewarded for thier workmanlike shift by a well deserved goal by Kilbane in the 72nd minute which was not only the goal that City needed but also a massive personal lift for Kevin. For those who have not got it yet.let me sum up in a nutshell why Hull City's days of defeat and disbelief are over. If you consider Half Time at Barnsley the end of Hull City's depression, we went on Not only to win the 2nd half 1 - 0, we did it in effect with 10 men due to Folans inactivity, Duke made some really inspirational saves when any other day the shots would have gone in and Dawsons entaglment with O'Brien in the Hull City box could so easily been seen as a penalty, but no.none of it, the Karma around the players has changed into a positive Chakra. So as the title suggests, Barnsley's scalves where prominant in the first half but it was definatly a Black an Amber event during the second. Of course the 1 -1 draw against Barnsley could be no more than an ill deserved pointBut I'll take it.