Hoyle: Promotion vital for Town

01 June 2009 12:24
The 41-year-old millionaire, who owns Card Factory, will subsidise the club from his own pocket after officially taking over as chairman from Ken Davy and expects losses to run into the millions until the Terriers climb up the Football League ladder. Hoyle told the Examiner: "After taking into account all the club's running costs, the only way to balance the books, even with an average crowd of 11,000, would be to have a wage bill of around £1million, but then it would be very hard to assemble a squad capable of winning promotion. "For a club like this to make a profit, the key factors are winning promotion, cup runs and transfers. Without those, even breaking even while building a team and moving forward is almost impossible. "This year the wage bill is in excess of £3.2million and therefore I anticipate a significant loss, and that is before taking account of the costs of changing the manager and coaching staff or kick-starting a new era. "But all that is budgeted for and it is part of the personal investment I'm willing to make to take the club forward. By reaching the Championship, crowds should realistically increase to 15,000 or more, and the losses will be reduced provided wages are kept at a sensible level, making the financial model much more sustainable."

Source: Team_Talk