Hogg still rues drop decision

15 October 2009 12:22
Hibernian defender Chris Hogg believes that he has recovered fully from being dropped from the first team a few weeks ago. The 24-year-old missed two games due to a dip in form, although Hogg was less than impressed by boss John Hughes' decision. He told The Scotsman: "To be honest, I was bitterly disappointed with what happened the other week. "But, no matter what happens to me in football, I will always carry on working hard, giving everything I've got and trying to improve. "I hadn't been left out of the team for a while and maybe it was a shock that I needed. "One thing for sure is that I will never show a bad attitude or let things like that get to me. "I didn't agree with the decision at the time and I still don't. But it happened and it is important that we kick on as a football club - the most important thing is to focus on the future."

Source: ESA