Jefferies welcomes wind of change

08 April 2010 12:33
Jim Jefferies claimed common sense had prevailed after the SFA proposed stripping referees of their power to veto appeals against red cards.[LNB] Hearts boss Jefferies has been one of the cheerleaders for changes to the SFA disciplinary process, which currently allows match officials to block claims for wrongful dismissal reaching a review panel.[LNB]SFA chief executive Gordon Smith yesterday confirmed he would submit a draft proposal to the organisation's board for a radical overhaul of the system, which could come into effect in time for next season.[LNB]Many have argued there is an inherent conflict of interest in referees sitting in judgment on their own decisions.[LNB]Jefferies said: "There aren't too many who are going to agree they got it wrong because it doesn't make them look too good.[LNB]"I'm sure common sense will prevail and it'll be sorted out."[LNB]It is understood a three-strong panel - which could include a member of the SFA's referee development department, a former player and an ex-manager - will sit in judgment on red card appeals if the proposed changes are given the green light.[LNB]The match referee will be invited to address the panel, though Jefferies questioned any involvement from the official.[LNB]"It may be better if he's not and let them make a decision on it," he said.

Source: Team_Talk