Hearts wait to learn punishment

24 October 2012 08:43

Hearts face a second Scottish Premier League hearing in three days as their latest wage delay comes under scrutiny.

The club were 'reprimanded and warned' by an SPL board sub-committee on Monday after paying some players and manager John McGlynn late in September, while an automatic transfer embargo was continued.

Six players and the manager were also paid a week late this month and that charge will be dealt with on Wednesday.

The SPL will not take into account four delays from last season given that new financial fair play rules were introduced in the summer. Those rules were partly in response to Hearts' consistent failure to pay players on time but also the financial collapse of Rangers and the subsequent debate over the response. Rangers were automatically deducted 10 points after going into administration and manager Ally McCoist and his team then found themselves in the Irn-Bru Third Division after the SPL rejected an application from the newly-created corporate entity that rose out of the club's failed offer to creditors.

Although the issues are hugely different in scale anyway, McCoist said he had no wish to see Hearts players and McGlynn suffer for the mismanagement of others when asked about the subject.

"I know John and I know a lot of his players and, as in any other walk of life, if you're doing a day's work you think you should get paid for it, preferably on time," McCoist said.

"I personally would not want to see any more punishment at all to the Hearts players and indeed their staff.

"I think that probably what happened with ourselves would indicate that something will probably have to be done in terms of everyone keeps talking about fair play.

"That said, I'm certainly not wanting Hearts to suffer just because we suffered - absolutely far from it. Quite the reverse, in fact."

Source: team_talk