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Non League stalwart hits a landmark

By: Simon Cox 26 Apr 2014 08:53:45

Non League stalwart hits a landmark

WHEN you think Alex Ferguson has just retired from Old Trafford having managed the Red Devils for 1,500 games it's a remarkable achievement but in reality, what about reaching 5,000 games!

Well that is what has happened to West London non-league stalwart Keith Chamberlain as he took charge of his 5,000th game as a manager or referee. The average football season lasts 50 games with league, cup and pre-season programmes and being active every season would have seen the 5,000th game reached over 100 years if Keith had been to every game, but he has gone one better than that and reached his 5,000th game at the age of 63!

The former Southall, Harrow Borough and Ruislip manager has kept records of all his games he has attended, managed or officiated in since his love affair started back in 1971.

Take a bow Mr Keith Chamberlain........


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